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Training Program

BE OUR GUEST at the Robin Hood Training Center


Robin Hood farm is more than a farm — Be our guest at our training center at the Robin Hood farm for energy and agricultural studies with a focus on achieving sustainable futures, domestically and internationally. 


The onsite training includes lectures by William F. Martin and other distinguished faculty.  A focus will be on training for energy sustainability — with a focus on nuclear power, renewables and best energy efficiency practices. Robin Hood farm is powered by renewable geo-thermal energy. 


Our onsite training program includes accommodation and meals and optional guided excursions to New York City and Washington DC.  Robin Hood farm is conveniently located only seven minutes from the Aberdeen Amtrak train station - a key hub on the Washington to New York Amtrak line. 


William F. Martin is co-owner of Robin Hood Farm with his wife Paule Audebert. He has served as chief of staff of the National Security Council with an office in the White House West Wing and Deputy Secretary of Energy during the Reagan Administration. During Reagan’s tenure he also served as Special Assistant to President Reagan for all head of state meeting and accompanied the President on trips to Asia and Europe and throughout the United States. He has been decorated by the heads of states of Japan and the Czech Republic for his contributions to energy and science. In 2018 he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun from the Emperor of Japan in the Imperial Palace. Mr. Martin also served as President of the Council of the United Nations University for Peace. His Wikipedia page can be found at


 For information on training, please contact William F. Martin (

Mr. William Martin with President Ronald Reagan.

Mr. William Martin with President Ronald Reagan.

Martin and Audebert at the Imperial Palace to receive the Order of the Rising Sun.
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