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Our Story

Your Hosts:  Dany, Paule

and William Martin

Located in Havre de Grace, Maryland, Dany's Robin Hood Farm is more than a farm, it is a destination.  With green walks through forests, fresh eggs, honey from our beehives, and other farm products including wood products that you can find in our Country Store. 

Our farm is dedicated to sustainable energy, and agriculture, powered by a renewal geo-thermal system. We aim to learn from history to build a better future. 

Dany, Paule and William hard at work on the farm.

About Dany's Robin Hood Farm

Celebrating our rich history,  

The name Havre de Grace is attributed to French General Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834), who played a large part in the American Revolution. While on his way to meet General George Washington in Philadelphia in 1782, Lafayette admired the lovely view of the broad Susquehanna River as it opened into the Chesapeake Bay. He is said to have exclaimed, “C’est Le Havre!” for it reminded him of the French port city Le Havre (originally called Le Havre de Grâce). Havre de Grace was founded in 1782 and incorporated in 1785, making Havre de Grace the second oldest municipality in Maryland, after Annapolis. It is a crossroad of our history, and our farmhouse is older than the American Constitution!  



French Connection!

French general, Marquis de Lafayette, is not the only French connection to Havre de Grace, and Dany's Robin Hood Farm.  Owner, Paule Audebert, grew up in France, and in the early 1990's, Paule co-founded a French restaurant, in which she served as an owner, and chef.  (See review article below.) 


Today, Paule holds French, and American citizenships and works alongside her husband, William Martin, and their daughter Dany, to restore and further the centuries old Robinhood Farm.  William F. Martin, served as United States Deputy Secretary of Energy under President Ronald Reagan.  Learn more!



Plaque on Major General Marquis De LaFayette's monument in Havre De Grace, Maryland.

Dany, Paule and William at the Major General Marquis De LaFayette Monument, in Havre de Grace, Maryland. 

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Picture of Paule and daughter Dany Martin.
Newspaper article that gives bio information for Paule Audebert.

Natural & Quality Experience for all! 

At Dany's Robin Hood Farm, we strive to provide the best quality experience for visitors.  Nature at its finest.  Come walk our green trails through forests, and take home some of our organic, non-GMO, farm fresh eggs!  Training opportunities for various subjects, will be available in the future.   Our farm has over 74 chickens, ducks, berries and other organic produce all of which are grown and raised with care and compassion. We take pride in our organic and sustainable farming practices and are committed to providing GMO-free products. We believe that farming is not just a business, but a way of life, and we are dedicated to preserving the traditions of our ancestors. Come visit us and experience the taste of fresh, wholesome, and delicious farm products.


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